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Church services and parish direcory

Sunday Liturgy

9.30am - Sung Eucharist

   The 9.30am liturgy is from

“A Prayer Book for Australia”

   Second Order of Holy Communion.

This service provides a traditional Anglican setting,
with traditional and modern hymns
usually accompanied by the historic 1859 Hill and Son Organ. 

The responsorial psalm
is led by the Cantor.

Incense is used on Feast Days.
All are welcome.


Parish directory:



Fr Craig D'Alton
0407 443 909


Robyn Foy

Charles Baird

Gary Israel

Parish Finance Officer

Charles Baird

Child Safety Policy

Our commitment to child safety

Christ Church St Kilda has adopted the policy on Child Safety as set down by the Archbishop in Council of the Diocese, the governing body of the Diocese. This Parish is committed to complying with the requirements of the Diocesan and Victorian legislation. The Policy states:

The Anglican Church of Australia within the Diocese of Melbourne, including its Cathedral Church of St Paul and each parish or congregation or faith community within the diocese (the Church) is committed to child safe practice. The care, the safety and the welfare of children are embedded in policies and practices which are intended to reflect a commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse.

More information on child safety is available at the rear of the Church. You are welcome to talk to the Vicar on this important topic.

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