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Restoration campaign

The foundation stone for Christ Church was laid on 29 November 1854. The experimental stone for the church was shipped from Point King near Sorrento. 


The Melbourne Herald said the church was “...built with a close-grained sandstone of a warm buff tint, procured from Point Nepean, and, contrary to popular belief, has stood the test of exposure very well; a few bad stones which were accidentally used have been removed; and it is found that the stone possesses the property of hardening by exposure to the atmosphere; no anxiety therefore need be felt as to the lasting quality of the material”.  


This has been the subject of debate since.  It was said originally that the stone had a life of sixty years. Now, at 160 years old, the current state of the church building shows there is a need for some anxiety.

“As a neighbour, I decided to lead this campaign with the Friends of Christ Church. I wanted to make sure this iconic and unique building is passed on to future generations. This is the oldest public building on our side of the Yarra and we need to ensure its restoration.”

Serge Thomann
former City of Port Phillip Deputy Mayor

What needs to be done

Heritage architects estimate that Christ Church requires $2.6m to address the church exterior, including masonry conservation, roof and roof plumbing works, and stained and leaded glass.


$1.6m is also required to address interior issues such as water penetration and wall/window works, and a further 200k is needed for landscaping and paving.


The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has agreed to conduct this heritage restoration appeal for Christ Church St Kilda. It has classified the building and recognises that it is essential to Victoria's heritage and must be preserved.

Donations to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) are tax deductible.

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